A software solution vendor for an information portal for IT supply documentation in the mainframe and client server environment asked for an analyze of the German market, target customer segments definition, contacting of target customers, agreed and performed meetings and in the last step selling of the software.

First, the existing documents were sighted and adapted to the German market needs. Then, a market research was carried out to find out which target customer industries could bring the quickest success and the related potential in this targeted industry segments. Based on that an agreement was found with the customer on which sectors to target. Next, we have selected the respective companies, researched the contact details (names, addresses and target contacts) and created a benefit argument lists. During our telephone acquisition we could verify our data – already determined during the market research – and send the information to our client that one of the potential target customer markets was largely covered by a competitor with a similar functionality. In contrary to the vendors previously preferred price specific argument (typical displacement argument) we convinced the vendor that in this specific target customer segment a technical argument is more meaningful. We developed the technical arguments together with our client and, based on that also a pricing model for the German market.

After less than 2 weeks we were able to make specific statements to the market and the competitive situation. We could work out a new pricing model, which from now on was applicable in its home market too and which supported a long-term customer loyalty. Within just a few months we were able to draw first orders with selected German reference customers.