One of the 10 largest server manufacturer in Europe wanted to build an indirect sales channel. The company was extremely well known in its dedicated customer segment and recognized for their excellent quality of hardware products (servers, storage and peripherals). The task was to introduce this range of products into the indirect channel.

In collaboration with internal product managers, the product range was analyzed. For the initial acquisition phase a limited product segment based on defined characteristics (price, quality, competitive situation, request to the technical support of the indirect channel, etc.) has been selected. Due to the evaluated pricing a two-stage approach using Value Added Distribution was not an option. A concept for direct sales via reseller and VARs has been prepared. In the first few months several hundred resellers have been selected. The selection criterion was primarily a clear sales focus on the dedicated product range. The resellers were acquired via telesales.

After about 4 months, the first significant revenues were generated. First adjustments to the original concept were conducted – including an expansion of the product range, an adjustment of prices to market demands and a reinforcement of marketing activities. During the second phase a limited amount of resellers was managed by Account Managers in cooperation with the back office staff.